Pamungkas confirms release date and tracklist of new album ‘Birdy’

Featuring previously released singles ‘Please Baby Please’, ‘Trust Me With This (Mama)’ and ‘Happy Birthday To You’

Indonesian singer-songwriter Pamungkas has announced the release date and tracklist for his upcoming album, ‘Birdy’.

The Indonesian musician took to social media on Monday (May 30) to reveal that the album will arrive on Thursday, June 16. The album will be Pamungkas’ fourth studio record to date.


Pamungkas’ post also revealed the album’s tracklist, which includes previously released singles ‘Birdy’, ‘Please Baby Please’, ‘Trust Me With This (Mama)’ and ‘Happy Birthday To You’.

‘Birdy’ will also feature fresh cuts like ‘A Day That Feels Better’, ‘I Gotta Get You’ and ‘Begin Again’. Check out the complete tracklist for ‘Birdy’ below.

Released in January, the album’s title track drew accusations of plagiarism over the song’s original lyrics, which contained notable similarities to Charles Bukowski’s poem “The Bluebird”. Pamungkas would later quietly upload a new version of ‘Birdy’ across all streaming platforms featuring reworked lyrics that distanced the song from Bukowski’s poem.

Prior to ‘Birdy’, Pamungkas’ most recent album was February 2021’s ‘Solipsism 0.2’, a rework of his 2020 album ‘Solipsism’. ‘Solipsism 0.2’ landed on NME’s list of 25 best Asian albums of 2021, with writer Daniel Peters describing the album as one that “bursts with moods that swing from despondent to joyful, balancing baroque pop grandeur with an ear for classic R&B showmanship.”

The tracklist for Pamungkas’ ‘Birdy’ album is: 

  1. ‘A Day That Feels Better’
  2. ‘(BEEP)’
  3. ‘Trust Me With This (Mama)’
  4. ‘Purple Sigh’
  5. ‘Happy Birthday To You’
  6. ‘Please Baby Please’
  7. ‘Jealousy’
  8. ‘I Gotta Get You’
  9. ‘Intro VI’
  10. ‘Birdy’
  11. ‘Begin Again’

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