Pamungkas joins Jinan Laetitia on dreamy single ‘Timeless’

The Indonesian pop artist released a striking music video for the track today (November 12)

Indonesian pop artist Jinan Laetitia has teamed up with singer-songwriter Pamungkas on a dreamy single titled ‘Timeless’.

‘Timeless’, released via Warner Music Indonesia, dropped alongside a music video today (November 12). The track sees Jinan facing her anxiety over the importance of living in the moment.

The clip, directed by Michael Budiharjo, features an artful montage of Laetitia within a digitally-generated landscape embellished by striking golden hues. Pamungkas makes an appearance as a gold-plated bust during his verse.


Watch the music video below.

“In uncertain situations, I often feel anxious about the past or the future. This song is me reminding myself of the importance of now. To be present”, said the 19-year-old Jinan in a press statement.

The self-written track was made with Pamungkas and produced by Jinan’s frequent collaborator Osvaldorio, who had previously worked with her on previous single ‘Mannequin’.

Jinan – who draws influences from indie pop, alternative R&B, hip hop, and soul – says she did not expect to have the opportunity to work alongside Pamungkas.

“By the time Pamungkas hit me up for the collaboration, I had already written the whole song and demo,” Jinan said. “Honestly, how can I say no? Honestly in what world would I say no?”


“He’s a very skilled songwriter and an awesome musician I imagined his voice would suit the song, and I was right!”

In late October, Jinan released ‘Mannequin’, which marks her third single for 2021, which touches on managing expectations of other people.

Prior to the two latest singles, Jinan dropped the tracks ‘Forgive’ and ‘Picture’, after making her debut with the three-track EP ‘POV: The Prelude’ and three other tracks in 2020.

Meanwhile, Pamungkas had recently made a second collaboration with singer-songwriter Romantic Echoes’ in the latter’s single ‘Alright’ in October and is slated to make an appearance on the second day of the upcoming Revive Arcade Festival between December 4 and 5.