Pamungkas shares music video for ‘Be My Friend’

Taken off his 2021 album, ‘Solipsism 0.2’

Indonesian singer-songwriter Pamungkas has shared a new music video for his song, ‘Be My Friend’.

The music video arrived on YouTube on Tuesday (October 12), eight months after the release of Pamungkas’ 2021 album, ‘Solipsism 0.2’.

Directed by the musician himself, the video for ‘Be My Friend’ sees the musician forming a band with different versions of himself, each taking on a different instrument.


Watch the music video for Pamungkas’ ‘Be My Friend’ below.

‘Be My Friend’ marks the second music video from the ‘Solipsism 0.2’ album cycle, following ‘Queen Of The Hearts’ in August. ‘Be My Friend’ ends with a special dedication from Pamungkas to his father, adding in parentheses: “This is his favourite song”.

In February, Pamungkas released ‘Solipsism 0.2’, a rework of his 2020 album, ‘Solipsism’.

The musician explained the differences between the two projects to NME, saying “the first version of the album is me being [a] crybaby in a way”, while the second “is more of me stepping back and seeing things from the bigger picture”.

Pamungkas collaborated with Romantic Echoes in May for the single ‘I’m Down’, following the release of ‘Solipsism 0.2’.


In late June, he followed that up with covers of ‘Pupus’ and ‘Risalah Hati’ from Indonesian rock band Dewa 19. In late September, he collaborated with Dead Bachelors for their single, ‘Two Bottles Of Wine’.

He is also scheduled to perform at the inaugural virtual Revive Arcade Festival on December 4-5 alongside acts like Zamaera, Aman RA, Margatsawa, and more.