PANTHEPACK build a giant panda robot in music video for ‘Buzz’

“Tell them haters that we made it"

Chinese quartet PANTHEPACK have released a futuristic music video for their latest single, ‘Buzz’.

In the clip, PANTHEPACK – comprising GOT7’s Jackson Wang, American-Chinese singer Karencici, Taiwanese musician J.Sheon and The Rap Of China breakout star ICE – play expert engineers and programmers who team up to build a giant panda robot.

After several failed attempts, the group finally manage to construct a working droid, which happens to resembles the panda image used on the cover art of their singles. But soon, the robot goes rogue, and the musicians have no choice but to send it into space.


“Tell them haters that we made it / From the ground we levitated we made it / To them haters yeah we made it / Now we rockin’ hard so buzz it / Yeah, buzz it, we made it,” Wang raps on the chorus.

PANTHEPACK originally released ‘Buzz’ last month, following a steady and muted roll-out of the project group, where they kept most of the members’ identities under wraps. In an earlier interview with NME, Wang said that the group “didn’t want to push it and to have it exposed before our announcement”.

“We just thought it would be interesting to throw songs out,” Wang added, while noting that audiences might have “low-key” known about their involvement in the project. “It’s kinda like a puzzle for the audience to find out, like, ‘Oh, what is this about?’ and being curious about it.” Prior to the release of ‘Buzz’, the group had released songs like ‘DNA’ and ‘Transmit’.

In related news, Wang recently teased that he was working on over 20 songs for his solo projects. In an August tweet, the singer said that he was “not sleeping , im dealing with the mix for songs , too many songs.”

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