Pastel Lite release 2019 album ‘Pop Bilik Tidur’ on streaming platforms with bonus tracks

The Malaysian electropop duo have released reworks of 'Disko Pelangi' and 'Gadis Indie'

Malaysian electropop duo Pastel Lite have made their 2019 album ‘Pop Bilik Tudur’ available on streaming platforms with two bonus tracks.

After releasing the album up piecemeal over the past two months, all five tracks on ‘Pop Bilik Tudur’ – ‘Gadis Indie’, ‘City Love’, ‘Hello Sayang’ (featuring Naza The Times), ‘Matahari’ and ‘Disko Pelangi’ – are now available on streaming services.

The band have also added two bonus songs: producer Analog K’s remix of ‘Disko Pelangi’, which ups the ’80s pop flavour, and an acoustic version of ‘Gadis Indie’ featuring indie-folk group The Impatient Sisters. Stream the bonus tracks below:


‘Pop Bilik Tidur’ was written and produced by Pastel Lite’s Eff Hakim and Faliq Mohd in their home studio. It was inspired by city pop, synthpop, indie and bedroom pop – and was also intended as an homage to Malaysian ’80s pop music.

Pastel Lite have since confirmed on Instagram that they will record a new album soon. See their post below.

Pastel Lite made their debut in 2014 with their five-track EP ‘Etcetera’ under singer Yuna’s label Yuna Room Records. In 2017, they released their first studio album ‘Balada’, which featured songs like ‘Masa Kita’ and ‘Damsel’.


‘Pop Bilik Tidur’ was nominated for Best Album in the TAPAUawards in 2019. They went up against indie duo LUST, reggae outfit Salammusik and Selangor band The Venopian Solitude, ultimately losing to LUST’s ‘Tekesima’. They did however win Best Music Video for their clip for ‘Hello Sayang’.

Late last year, Pastel Lite also shared a three-part YouTube documentary about ‘Pop Bilik Tidur’, capturing behind-the-scenes footage from recordings and concerts. Watch the first part below.