Paul McCartney on how ELO’s Jeff Lynne masterminded Ringo Starr’s appearance on ‘Flaming Pie’

The pair joined forces in 1997

Paul McCartney has revealed how ELO‘s Jeff Lynne convinced him to secure Ringo Starr to perform on ‘Flaming Pie’.

McCartney joined forces with his former Beatles bandmate on his 1997 solo album, which marked one of their most significant collaborations together since the band split up in 1970.

In a new interview with The Sun, McCartney revealed how Lynne was the mastermind behind the collaboration.


“I’d been saying to Ringo for years it’d be great to do something,” he explained.

“We’d never really done that much outside The Beatles. One night, Jeff suggested, ‘Why don’t you get Ringo in?’ and I said, ‘OK!’ ”

Ringo Starr, The Beatles
Ringo Starr (Picture: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

McCartney said the pair were “very comfortable” making music together again, joining with Lynne to jam on what would become ‘Really Love You’.

Meanwhile, McCartney recently dismissed the idea of embarking on a Las Vegas residency, reasoning that “Vegas is where you go to die”.


In a lengthy new interview with GQ, the Beatles icon was asked whether he’d ever considered following in the footsteps of Elton John by taking on a mammoth run of shows in Sin City – or whether Bruce Springsteen had inspired him to hit Broadway.

“That’s something I’ve been trying to avoid my whole life,” McCartney said of a Vegas residency. “Definitely nothing attracts me about the idea. Vegas is where you go to die, isn’t it? It’s the elephant’s graveyard.”

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