Pee Wee Gaskins recruit A. Nayaka for work-stress themed ‘Unsteady Feelings’ music video

Pee Wee Gaskins are currently on their 'wee will rock you' festival tour of Indonesia

Indonesian pop-punk veterans Pee Wee Gaskins have recruited rapper A. Nayaka for their driving new single ‘Unsteady Feelings’.

The single arrived on August 19 alongside a music video that deals with the theme of finding peace in a lover as it follows a salaryman struggling with his job to come home to his loving wife.

A. Nayaka raps to breakneck drums as he portrays a “certified psychologist” in the music video, “Never gonna wait on nobody so please don’t wait on me / Said too many lies but she always still depend on me / Been too many days that I been in and out my feelings”.


Watch the music video for ‘Unsteady Feelings’ below.

‘Unsteady Feelings’ follows the release of their June single, ‘Vaya Con Dios’ featuring Hindia – aka Baskara Putra, also of the bands .Feast and Lomba Sihir. The quintet previously released a series of singles last year, including ‘Summer Fling’, ‘You Throw The Party, We Get The Girls’, and ‘The Art of High School Break-Up’.

Their most recent album was the 2019 effort ‘Mixed Feeling’, having first formed in 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The band has released four studio albums and two EPs so far.

Pee Wee Gaskins are currently on their ‘wee will rock you’ festival tour of Indonesia, which began on August 5 at Pica Fest in Bali. The band’s remaining tour dates will see them performing at Makassar for Po Fest on August 27 as well as Bekasi’s Gladiator Music Show on September 11 before they conclude the tour in Bandung on September 24 for PestaPora.


A. Nayaka most recently released a seven-track English project titled ‘Cold Cuts’ in early April. He described the project as “an antithesis to the ever so growing ‘bilingual hip-hop/pop’ sound in Indonesia”, and has said on social media that  ‘Cold Cuts’ “may also be his last full English” project.

His most recent release came in the form of 2020’s ‘Carakarantina’.