PENGSHUi joins forces with P Money on explosive new single ‘Break The Law’

"It feels like an anthem for the people that have had enough"

PENGSHUi’s latest single sees them link up with London MC P Money for an explosive amalgam of punk and grime in ‘Break The Law’.

According to member Illaman, the track is about breaking down the walls we often confine ourselves within. He said: “It feels like an anthem for the people that have had enough, enough of being lied to by those in power. Those that have had enough of holding themselves back.”

Take a listen below:


As Rock Sound reports, Illaman got “goosebumps” after hearing the instrumental of ‘Break The Law’ for the first time at Greenmount Studios, after drummer Prav and guitarist Fatty tracked it. “Fuck, this one is going to pop off live,” he remembers thinking.

As for the special feature, the MC went on to say: “Having P Money on this track is a massive deal for us. P is a legend and in my top 3 of all UK MC’s. A powerful voice in UK music that sends cannonball size shells at beats and anyone coming against him.

“Not gonna lie, I was a little nervous but I think we have created an absolute monster that is going to do some damage live. I feel sorry for the people in the pit already.”

‘Break The Law’ follows PENGSHUi’s July release, ‘Little Brother’, which proved to be an ode to the trio’s younger selves. Illaman spoke of the track labelling it “A reminder to remember where we have come from and the strength we never knew we had.” Listen back here.

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