Phoebe Bridgers says Eric Clapton makes “extremely mediocre music”

The singer-songwriter has explained why she dissed Clapton in her track 'Moon Song'

Phoebe Bridgers has explained why she dissed Eric Clapton on a recent track, calling the legendary guitarist’s music “extremely mediocre.”

‘Moon Song’, which appears on Bridgers’ new album ‘Punisher’, features the lyrics: “We hate ‘Tears In Heaven’/ But it’s sad that his baby died,” referencing Clapton’s 1992 single written about the death of his four-year-old son, Conor.

Speaking in a new interview, Bridgers confirmed she is yet to hear from Clapton, or his people, about the song.


“You know, I don’t think our Venn diagrams are very connected,” she told Double J. “I have such an Eric Clapton rant, because I think it’s just extremely mediocre music, but also he’s a famous racist.”

Referencing the time Clapton made racist comments during a gig in Birmingham in 1976, Bridgers continued: “Sometimes I think people are too problematic to be cancelled, or not relevant enough to be cancelled. I mean, it wouldn’t even make news if he said something racist today, because he went on a racist rant in the 60s or 70s that was very famous.”

She added: “The lyric used to be, ‘we hate Eric Clapton‘. It’s actually kind of worse now. Because it’s the dead baby song, which is a heartbreaking song.

“If I were to pick an Eric Clapton song, it’s up there with the ones that I actually like. So, it’s kind of a lie on the record, but it sounds more poetic.”


Earlier this month, Phoebe Bridgers and Courtney Barnett teamed up for a stripped-back cover of the Gillian Welch classic ‘Everything Is Free’.

The pair performed the track live for Newport Folk Festival’s virtual event, which saw Bridgers and Barnett perform from their cross-continental homes of Los Angeles and Melbourne, respectively.