Phum Viphurit releases official live version of his song ‘Pluto’

The song was featured on the Thai singer-songwriter's 2019 EP 'Bangkok Balter Club'

Phum Viphurit has released a video of a live solo performance of his 2019 song ‘Pluto’.

In the clip, which was released yesterday (March 16), shows the Thai singer-songwriter walking alone through the city at night. He strums an acoustic guitar and sings the track as he strolls through a grimy, graffiti-filled underpass.

‘Pluto’ was released as part of the Thai musician’s 2019 EP ‘Bangkok Balter Club’, which paid tribute to his hometown of Bangkok. It also featured his other breakout hit ‘Lover Boy’ and other single ‘Hello, Anxiety’.


Watch Viphurit’s poignant rendition of ‘Pluto’ below:

In a post on Instagram, Viphurit said the video was an “official live version” that also served as “a farewell to the Balter Club”.

“Though the tune is sombre, I hope it brings a calm to you like it has done for me,” he added. “The ongoing pause has given me nothing but time to rest, rediscover old passions, ignite new ones and write, a lot. Thank you for the constant love and support that you guys show, it means the world.”

In his caption, he also thanked the team that made the EP ‘Bangkok Balter Club’ possible.


Phum Viphurit rose to international fame in 2018 with his single ‘Lover Boy’, which became a runaway hit on YouTube. He went on to perform at music festivals around the world, and even a collaboration with 88rising rappers Higher Brothers. His most recent release was the single ‘Wings’ in October 2020.