Porridge Radio share two collaborative tracks with Irish songwriter Piglet

"I am so glad we could be intense as hell together on these tracks," says Dana Margolin

Porridge Radio have shared two new collaborative tracks with Irish songwriter Piglet – listen to ‘Let’s Not Fight’ and ‘Strong Enough’ below.

The songs appear on a deluxe edition of the band’s 2020 album ‘Every Bad’, alongside recent singles ‘7 Seconds’, ‘Good For You’ (a collaboration with Chicago’s Lala Lala) and festive song The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)’.

“Piglet is one of my favourite artists,” Porridge Radio vocalist Dana Margolin said of the collaboration in a statement. “I remember the first time I saw Charlie fronting his other band, Great Dad, and just being completely blown away and entranced by his songs and the way he was performing them. I feel very lucky that he likes my music.


“This collaboration felt like it was coming for a while, and luckily lockdown gave us a chance to make these songs last summer. Writing together felt great, and I really loved the whole process and bouncing off of each other’s ideas.

“Something that Charlie really gets is emotional intensity and I am so glad we could be intense as hell together on these tracks.”

Porridge Radio’s second album ‘Every Bad’, which came out in March last year, was nominated for the 2020 Mercury Prize.

In a five-star review of the albumNME wrote: “Here Porridge Radio nail some of music’s hardest tricks – breathing fresh life into indie and making a record that can loosely be compared to other bands in fragments, but also feels entirely their own.


“‘Every Bad’ is a breathtaking step up from their bedroom-recorded 2016 debut, ‘Rice, Pasta And Other Fillers’. No wonder they’ve declared themselves the ‘best band in the world’.”

In an interview with NME around the Mercury nomination, Margolin said the band had already been working on new material, saying: “We’ve got a lot of songs that we’re excited to start recording and think about releasing in the future.

“We didn’t think that we’d to get to this point so soon. ‘7 Seconds’ has been waiting for a while, but it’s also very new. With the production and the sound, that’s the direction we’re leaning into.” Watch the full interview above.