Posthumous Jamir Garcia solo single, ‘Paraiso’, released

Released September 5, on what would have been the late Slapshock frontman's 43rd birthday

‘Paraiso’, a solo single by late Slapshock frontman Jamir Garcia, has been posthumously released.

The track was released Sunday (September 5) on what would have been the Filipino metal musician’s 43rd birthday. Its accompanying music video features multiple images of the late musician throughout his career, performing onstage and rehearsing with bandmates.

‘Paraiso’ – the first single from Garcia’s forthcoming solo album, which will be relased by Rico Blanco‘s label and management company Balcony Entertainment – combines Garcia’s signature powerful vocals with pummelling drums, synths and thick guitars. Garcia also raps in Filipino on the song.


Watch the video for ‘Paraiso’ below.

During a press conference – per Bandwagon – Garcia’s brother Sonboy said ‘Paraiso’ chronicles the singer’s struggles and challenges.

Garcia’s partner Sonina Jaya Crisostomo told ABS-CBN in August that ‘Paraiso’ is a love song that is open to interpretation. “I’m so excited and happy that finally the world will get to hear the fruit of his hard work,” Crisostomo said.

Garcia died on November 26 at the age of 42. His untimely passing prompted an outpouring of grief from fans and fellow musicians alike.

On August 20, Garcia’s family issued a statement on his Instagram page about his solo album, which had been completed upon his death. “Jamir wrote the songs in his solo album throughout the different stages of his musical life,” they wrote.


“Music was and always had been Jamir’s first true love and passion. Music was his one true North. He had often told us that his solo album would be the pinnacle of his musical journey.”

They also praised Blanco for taking up the task of releasing the album. “We couldn’t have chosen a better home for Jamir’s songs and we are 100% sure that he would have approved of our choice,” they wrote. “Rico genuinely cared for Jamir’s songs.”

They add that the album’s release is supported by his Slapshock bandmates Lean Ansing and Chi Evora. A release date for the album has not been announced.

Last November, it was revealed that Garcia was in talks with PolyEast Records to release six songs he had recorded during quarantine, which were reportedly recorded with Ansing and Evora.

Slapshock revealed earlier in 2020 that they were writing new material for a new album to mark their 23rd anniversary.