Posthumous album by Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy to be released, solo catalogue returns to streaming

'The Hegelian Dialectic (The Book of Heroine)' is set for release this summer

A posthumous album from the late Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy has been announced, as his music returns to streaming services.

The album, entitled ‘The Hegelian Dialectic (The Book of Heroine)’, was confirmed by the rapper’s estate last week (May 21). Prodigy was reportedly working on the album at the time of his death, as both a sequel and companion piece to what ended up being the final album of his lifetime: 2017’s ‘Hegelian Dialectic (The Book of Revelation)’. Its lead single, ‘You Will See’, is projected for release on June 10.

Complex Magazine noted that Prodigy’s estate have also worked out a new deal with ADA, the independent distribution arm of Warner Music Group. This deal has allowed for all of Prodigy’s solo discography – including his five studio albums – to return to streaming services after it was pulled in 2019. The removal, at the time, was believed to be in regards to an ongoing legal dispute.


View Prodigy’s music on Spotify below:

In a statement, a representative of Prodigy’s family estate expressed that they were “extremely thankful to all the fans for understanding the circumstances” of the catalogue being removed from streaming services. “We would also like to thank the community of hip-hop artists who came together to help us assemble Prodigy’s last projects,” they continued.

“The music belongs to all of you, and we are glad we can make it available again and forever.”

Prodigy – real name Albert Johnson – died in 2017, at the age of 42. His cause of death was later revealed to be an accidental choking, which happened while he was in hospital receiving treatment for sickle cell disease.

At the time, MC Havoc – the other half of Mobb Deep – stated that he was in a state of disbelief following the passing of his friend and longtime collaborator.


“I’m still fucked up,” he said in a video provided to TMZ. “I can’t even listen to ‘Shook Ones,’ or any [Mobb Deep] songs. I can hardly look at the pictures. I met him when I was 15. I’m 43 right now… I still can’t believe it.”