Prince Husein wrestles with his feelings on new single ‘The Only Pain I Need’

Co-produced by the Indonesian artist's labelmate Pamungkas

Indonesian singer-songwriter Prince Husein has released his latest single titled ‘The Only Pain I Need’.

In the song, which arrived today (July 1), Prince Husein shares the highs and lows of loving someone. He acknowledges the frustrations – “Sometimes I wanna hate you / But sometimes, as you can see / I wanna love you” – but ultimately declares “You’re the only pain I want / The only pain I need.”

Prince Husein wrote the song, which was produced by Pamungkas – also Husein’s labelmate on Ma Spam Records – and Overdrivesensual.


Listen to ‘The Only Pain I Need’ here:

In an Instagram post, Prince Husein shared the inspiration behind the upbeat anthem: “I’ve always wanted to do a high tempo as how feelings were being pulled and pushed from left to right, jumping up and down, as the rhythm goes hand to hand with how our hearts are moved when it’s in love,” he wrote.

‘The Only Pain I Need’ is the artist’s fourth release of the year. It follows his earlier singles ‘Skinnier’, ‘Ke Tempat Kau Ingin’ and ‘I Need You Now’.

Last December, he put out the track ‘If That’s Okay’, which will be part of his upcoming full-length album slated for release this year. The single was completed while he was on the ‘Ngamen 0.2’ tour with Pamungkas in April 2021.