Prince’s beloved white dove Divinity has died at the age of 28

Divinity was previously credited with providing "ambient vocals" on 2002's 'Arboretum'

One of Prince’s iconic white doves, a female bird named Divinity, passed away on Tuesday (February 2) at the age of 28.

According to a statement issued by the late singer’s estate, Divinity died peacefully after a decline in health due to her advancing years.

“She was one of the enduring links to Prince for thousands of fans. She will be missed,” said Alan Seiffert, the executive director of Prince’s estate.


The singer famously recorded ‘When Doves Cry’ in 1984 and went on to adopt Divinity and a male counterpart named Majesty in the 1990s, with the pair residing in the atrium of Prince’s Paisley Park mansion.

In 2016, Prince’s singer Tyka Nelson revealed that the pet doves stopped crying after he died.

“If they’re quiet, it doesn’t feel the same,” she said. “After he passed, they weren’t talking. When I first came in, I’m like, ‘Where’s the doves? What’s going on?’”

After being told that the doves were still there but had stopped singing, she suggested playing Prince’s music.

Majesty, who passed away in 2017, previously made a cameo in the 1992 video for Prince’s ‘Seven’, and was seen sitting in the hands of Prince’s then-wife, Mayte Garcia.


Both Majesty and Divinity subsequently received credits for providing “ambient singing” on the 2002 song ‘Arboretum’.

In the wake of Divinity’s death, legacy preservationist Mitch Maguire has said that visitors to Paisley Park will be greeted by “a new generation of doves that will continue to grace Prince’s home”.

In other news, Prince collaborator Sheila.E. recently announced a new biopic which will tell the “beautiful story” behind her relationship with the singer.