Project E.A.R. share ‘Fade To Black’, tribute song for late members Jamir Garcia and D-Coy

A track from their upcoming album ‘The Chronicles of Vladimir’

Southeast Asian hip-hop group Project E.A.R. have released the track ‘Fade To Black’, a tribute to their late members Jamir Garcia and D-Coy.

Out today (March 29), the song was put together by Joe Flizzow, Dandee, Emmet Butterfingers, Moots of Pop Shuvit, DABOYWAY, Slapshock’s Lean Ansing and Chi Evora, Wing Meng, Greyhoundz’s Reg Rubio and Queso’s Ian Tayao. D-Coy, who initiated the project, also contributed to the track before his death last year.

In a social media post, the group announced the song alongside a message to Garcia and D-Coy. “We choose to honor and respect our brothers,” they wrote. “This is our farewell.”


Listen to ‘Fade To Black’ below:

Thai rapper Dandee said that ‘Fade To Black’ is meant to serve as the last goodbye from artists who loved and respected Garcia, who died in 2020 aged 42, per Hiphopdx. The single will be part of the hip-hop act’s upcoming album ‘The Chronicles Of Vladimir’.

Dandee also revealed that the song was originally part of his debut album released in 2013. “[Garcia] loved that song – and he recorded the main hook in my house here in Thailand years ago. When Jamir passed away, Moots felt it was the perfect opportunity to re-work it,” Dandee explained.

In January 2021, Project E.A.R. dropped the single ‘Dark Times’, a track written by Garcia. In an interview with NME, Moots said that Project E.A.R. would not cease even after Garcia’s death. “E.A.R. will still live on for his legacy as well, because I think he would have wanted that to happen,” Moots said. “We’ve always accepted new people and work with new people.”


‘Fade To Black’ was released as part of the Def Jam Philippines EP ‘Rhapsodicity 2’, which was announced at the top of the month with the posse track ‘Lakbay’.