PUNOKAWAN commemorate Indonesia’s Heroes Day with new single ‘Indo’

This is the group's third track together

Indonesian hip-hop supergroup PUNOKAWAN – composed of rappers Sonjah, Mario Zwinkle, Tuantigabelas, MatterMos – premiered their latest single, ‘Indo’ yesterday (November 9).

The release was accompanied by a music video directed and produced by Jovian Fraaije. In the description of the video, the group shared that the song was released in commemoration of Indonesia’s Hari Pahlawan, which is celebrated annually on November 10. PUNOKAWAN also wrote in Indonesian that they had agreed to release the song on the 10th to honour those who have defended the country and its culture.

Watch the visual below.



PUNOKAWAN was recently featured on BBC’s The Arts Hour, a program that brings together some of Indonesia’s leading artists to perform and discuss important issues in the country. They performed the then-unreleased track during the event.

“The fact that we all came from Indonesia, the fact that we all came from different…languages…this is a showcase about Indo, from where we’re from,” the group said of the track.

During the program, MatterMos shed some light on the group’s origins, which debuted in 2020 with the single, ‘Champions.’ He shared, “We have different chemistries, and ‘PUNOKAWAN’ itself means ‘four friends.’

Tuantigabelas commented on the local hip hop scene in the country, “Hip-hop in Indonesia [keeps] evolving…the unique thing about Indonesian hip hop is, we can blend it [with] our culture, we can blend it [with] local wisdom.”


Earlier this year, the group released ‘Samadhi’ featuring Omenarie.