Purity Ring release cover of Alice DJ’s ‘Better Off Alone’

"It’s been an influence on how we write and feel music since the beginning"

Electro-pop duo Purity Ring have shared their take on the ’90s hit dance track ‘Better Off Alone’ from Alice DJ.

The recording arrived with an accompanying music video directed by Andrew Barchilon, which features Purity Ring’s Megan James and an alien wandering through the outdoors.

Watch the clip below:


In a statement, the band said, “We have wanted to cover this song for years and it felt like it was time.”

“It’s been an influence on how we write and feel music since the beginning, and so for all the ways that joy and longing move, the truth is out there.”

‘Better Off Alone’ was first released in the late ’90s by Alice DJ as an instrumental track. The more well-known version features vocals from Judith Pronk.

‘Better Off Alone’ is Purity Ring’s first release since the arrival of their first album in five years, ‘WOMB’, in April. Upon its release, NME gave the record three stars, writing “the subtle experiments pay off – even if you may sometimes wish they’d surprise you more”.

Purity Ring are currently scheduled to tour the UK through June next year after their initial dates were postponed.


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