PURPLE KISS reveal they wrote ‘Ponzona’ as trainees

The group said they “wanted to show [their] unique colours through the song”

Rookie girl group PURPLE KISS have revealed that they originally wrote their debut single ‘Ponzona’ when they were trainees.

Yesterday, during a showcase for their first-ever mini-album ‘Into Violet’, the girl group spoke about the work that went into their debut release. Member Swan, who co-wrote and -produced ‘Ponzona’ with Na Goeun and Yuki revealed that they had originally written the song for “a trainee evaluation”.

“I wanted to show PURPLE KISS’s unique colours through the song,” she said, according to Soompi. “I’m glad that the song went over well and it was even selected as our debut track. I’m going to keep studying so that I can keep making good music.”


“It’s amazing just to release music under the name PURPLE KISS, but it’s even more amazing to have my name on the songwriting credits,” Na Goeun added.

As the first girl group to debut under South Korean agency RBW in seven years since popular quartet MAMAMOO, PURPLE KISS said they felt pressure for their debut due to the comparisons to their labelmates. However, that has “motivated” them to put in extra effort for their debut.

“It would be a lie to say that we didn’t feel the pressure, but that motivated us to work harder to prepare,” said member Dosie. “It feels like a lot of people have high expectations of us because of our seniors, so we’re working hard to live up to them.”

‘Into Violet’ includes the group’s pre-debut singles such as ‘My Heart Skip A Beat’ and ‘Can We Talk Again,’ which were released in November 2020 and February this year, respectively. The seven-member group feature singers who appeared as contestants on the survival reality programmes Produce 48 (Jieun and Goeun) and Mix Nine (Dosie).