Puti Chitara celebrates 10 years of music-making with new ‘Reminisce’ EP

The EP comprises songs written at the start of the singer-songwriter's career

Indonesian singer-songwriter Puti Chitara recently commemorated a career milestone with the release of a brand-new EP, ‘Reminisce’.

The musician, who is also the vocalist for alt-rock outfit Barasuara, released the six-track project onto streaming platforms yesterday (Dec 29) to celebrate 10 years of her journey as a solo artist. Stream the EP below.


The EP comprises songs written at the start of her career, which were entirely self-produced and archived on her SoundCloud account. While currently working on her third solo album, Chitara decided to compile these songs and release the collection officially.

The singer last released the album ‘Goodnight’ in 2016. Chitara’s forthcoming LP does not currently have a confirmed release date.

In May, Chitara participated in a Q&A session on Instagram Live hosted by Goethe-Institut Indonesia. She divulged information about her new album, which has been delayed due to recent global events, and lamented the state of live music in the country.

“With the loss of that stage, we definitely have to stay at home, along with facing some financial issues,” she says, as reported by The Jakarta Post. “Still, we have to be creative and even if we’re not performing on stage, we can still make music at home.”

Earlier this week, Chitara performed with Barasuara at a livestream concert alongside artists Kunto Aji, Hindia, Rendy Pandugo, Sal Priadi, and Nadin Amizah. Watch the event stream below.