Pyra releases dark new single ‘Hole Heart’

The Thai pop artist laments the destructiveness of capitalism

Thai pop artist Pyra has released her latest single ‘Hole Heart’.

Released today (October 22) on digital platforms via Warner Music Thailand, ‘Hole Heart’ follows her September release ‘Can’t Keep Running Away’.

Dark, industrial-sounding synths and metal guitars take the lead in ‘Hole Heart’ as Pyra vents her frustration and sorrow.


Why can’t we pull each other / Closer, closer? / Why do we push each other / So Far, so far? / I’m tired of fighting resistance / Nobody else feels what I’m feeling / Why do we hurt each other / Over and over?” she sings in its chorus.

Listen to ‘Hole Heart’ below.

According to press materials, ‘Hole Heart’ is less an airing of personal heartbreak than it is a diatribe against capitalism and how it creates conflict and distress that overpowers compassion and collaboration.

In August, Pyra released her latest EP, ‘fkn bad Pt.1’, which contained prior singles ‘Yellow Fever’ (featuring Yayoi Daimon and Ramengvrl) and ‘Bangkok’.


While details have yet to be confirmed, Pyra revealed to NME in an interview that she is preparing ‘fkn bad Pt.2’ for release by the end of 2021, with a “deluxe album” to follow in 2022.