‘Queendom 2’: Hyolyn, Brave Girls, LOONA and more take to the stage with stirring collabs

Contestants were mixed into different units for a vocal showcase

Queendom season two contestants have delivered stirring vocal cover performances in special units in the latest episode.

The May 5 broadcast of the idol survival reality series saw three different units stage a series of vocal covers, consisted of a mix of members from the contestant groups. The units were delegated in the previous episode, where half of the participants were allocated to a vocal showcase, while the other half were allocated to dance.

A large majority of the episode was dedicated to showcasing the Queendom participants’ practice sessions as they gear up for this round’s performances, which would determine their Round 3 rankings. Notably, several Street Woman Fighter contestants have made appearances in this episode as trainers of the dance teams.


The first unit to perform was 33, comprising Hyolyn and Brave Girls’ Minyoung, delivered a touching rendition of BOL4’s ‘To My Youth’, staying true to the original song’s ballad-style instrumentals and soaring high-notes.

Following 33’s performance, the Sun And Moon unit – LOONA’s Haseul, Jinsoul, Chuu and Kim Lip, Kep1er’s Kim Chae-hyun and Seo Young-eun –  staged their take on EXO’s ‘Don’t Go’, a modernised take with softer, twinkling instrumentalisation.

For the final vocal performance of this week’s broadcast, a trio formed with VIVIZ’s Eunha and WJSN’s Soobin and Yeonjung named Milky Way Who Embraced The Universe, took on IU’s ‘Hold My Hand’. Performing against a set filled with flowery imagery, their cover of the classic IU song also largely stays true to the original song.


The remaining dance units are slated to perform in next week’s episode, which will air on May 12 at 9:20pm KST on Mnet. Queendom 2 is also available to stream on VIU in various regions.

Queendom 2 was first announced by Mnet in December 2021, and comes roughly three years after its first season premiered in 2019. That season featured girl groups AOAMAMAMOOLovelyzOH MY GIRL(G)I-DLE and singer Park Bom.

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