‘Queendom 2’: Watch Hyolyn, VIVIZ, Kep1er cover songs by their competitors in the latest episode

Rankings for Round 2 were also unveiled at the end of the broadcast

The most recent episode of Queendom season two aired yesterday (April 21), and featured the second half of the cover performances from Hyolyn, VIVIZ and Kep1er.

The April 21 broadcast of Queendom 2, competing acts Hyolyn, VIVIZ and Kep1er pick up where the last episode left off with Round 2 of the competition, where contestants are required to perform a cover song of another participant of their choosing.

This episode marks the final handful of performances for this round, after LOONA, WJSN and Brave Girls staged theirs last week. The first to take the stage this week was VIVIZ, who delivered a chic cover of WJSN’s ‘Unnatural’ with a concept starkly different from the original.


However, following their performance, Eunha was seen shedding tears after making a mistake in a portion of the choreography where she was focused on the most. “Since I know that I’m someone who isn’t good at dancing, whenever I feel that I’m lacking, it’s so upsetting,” she admitted.

Following VIVIZ were Kep1er, who had been assigned to cover Brave Girls. They opted to perform a mash-up of ‘Pool Party’ and theviral hit ‘Rollin”, staging their cover of the songs with a summer-like concept.

Despite their performance having been met with praise from Brave Girls, the members of Kep1er expressed disappointment and shed tears after member Kim Da-yeon had accidentally fallen off the stage mid-performance.

The final contestant to take to the stage was Hyolyn, who performed an arresting Cat Woman-themed take on LOONA’s ‘So What’. Her version is notably a stripped back version of the song, opting for a sleeker instrumental. A snippet of the group’s most recent track ‘Paint The Town (PTT)’ was also added in the bridge.


“Although Cat Woman is not a villain, she has a villain-like vibe. I want to express the song’s message in a bold and villainous way,” Hyolyn explained of her artistic direction for her performance.

After all six Round 2 performances had concluded, the new live audience votes and rankings were calculated and announced, with Hyolyn clinching the top spot for the second consecutive round after accumulating a score of 10,000 points. She was followed by LOONA, WJSN, VIVIZ, Kep1er, and Brave Girls in that order.

The next episode of Queendom will air on April 28 at 9:20pm KST on Mnet. Queendom 2 is also available to stream on Viu in various regions.

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