Rahmania Astrini is a hopeless romantic in dual single ‘i don’t mind: RED+BLUE’

The Indonesian singer has also dropped a video for the song 'i don't mind – RED'

Indonesian singer Rahmania Astrini has released a dual single titled ‘i don’t mind: RED+BLUE’ that plays on the idea of being a hopeless romantic.

The single was released on Friday, May 27 alongside a music video of the ‘Red’ version of the song, which is supposed to represent the ‘romantic’ side of the ‘hopeless romantic’ equation. In a statement to Hai Online, Astrini shared, “In this song, I wanted to show two sides of myself that are the ‘hopeless romantic’. So there’s a version where I’m passionate and a version where I’m very hopeless.”

Astrini recorded the ‘Blue’ version of the song – a more minimalist and piano-driven take – in her room, while the ‘Red’ version was recorded in a studio.


Watch the music video for ‘i don’t mind – RED’ below.

The R&B singer last released the single ‘Pizza Pepperoni’ on January 28. Rahmania Astrini had a prolific 2021, beginning the year with the release of her debut EP ‘Adolescent’ featuring collaborations with indie duo Leanne & Naara and Monica Karina.

She would go on to release three other singles that year in ‘Shush’ (The Only One)’ featuring Connor Matthews, ‘When You Were Mine’, and ‘Butterfly’. She also collaborated with Australian producer Wafia for the single ‘Pick Me’.

Astrini won Best Soul/R&B Female Solo Artist at the Anugerah Muzik Indonesia awards last year for her single ‘Runaway’. She had won the same award the previous year for her first English-language single ‘It’s Amazing’, having first debuted in 2017 with the single ‘Menua Bersama’.

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