Raisa unveils music video for ‘You Better Believe Me’ featuring rapper Kara Chenoa

The song will feature on the Indonesian singer’s upcoming fourth album ‘It’s Personal’

Indonesian singer-songwriter Raisa has shared her latest single, ‘You Better Believe Me’, featuring rapper Kara Chenoa.

The song – and its accompanying music video – arrived on streaming platforms yesterday (September 15). Directed by Aji Yudistira, the music video features the two musicians singing around an empty house and facing off in a chess match.

Watch the video for ‘You Better Believe Me’ below.


The R&B track – which features a lush bassline and bright guitars – is performed entirely in English, as Raisa believes, per CNN Indonesia, that its subject matter would as a result be better understood by more people.

On the song, Raisa and Kara Chenoa playfully tackle the topic of shutting the door on a relationship for good after their efforts to revive it go unnoticed, and they eventually get ghosted.

During a virtual press conference – as reported by CNN Indonesia – Raisa revealed that Kara Chenoa wrote his rap verses, and was involved in the songwriting process, coming up with the song’s closing melodies.

“This moment is like a dream come true for me. Because not only can I meet my idol, but also can work together and collaborate together. In this song, I can explore myself in the realm of pop, whether it’s lyric or sound,” Chenoa said, according to Pop Hari Ini.

During the press conference, it was also revealed that ‘You Better Believe Me’ will be part of Raisa’s upcoming fourth studio album ‘It’s Personal’. While details surrounding the album’s release are currently unknown, it will include the five tracks that made up her June 2021 EP, ‘It’s Personal’.


Prior to the release of the EP, Raisa released two music videos: ‘Tentang Dirimu’ in June and ‘Kutukan (Cinta Pertama)’ in April.

Rapper and singer-songwriter Kara Chenoa released his debut EP ‘Sunkissed*’ in late July. The four-track record features singles ‘Just Another Day’ and ‘Ciroc’. The rapper, who debuted in 2018, released a collaboration entitled ‘Let’s Not Talk Too Much’ in 2020 featuring Teza Sumendra.

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