Ramengvrl, Danilla Riyadi and Marion Jola embrace their madness in ‘Don’t Touch Me’ music video

The Indonesian artists link up on a genre-hopping song about womanhood and empowerment

Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl and singers Marion Jola and Danilla Riyadi have released a music video for their collaborative single, ‘Don’t Touch Me’.

The genre-hopping song, which arrived on streaming platforms on Friday (June 11), switches between R&B, indie folk and hip-hop to match its artists, all of whom tell their own stories in relation to female empowerment and the struggles they have faced as women.

‘Don’t Touch Me’, produced by Lafa Pratomo and Danilla Riyadi, starts off a verse from Marion Jola, who shows off her R&B chops before Ramengvrl chimes in with a rapid-fire rap verse that lashes out at her male peers’ disrespect. Danilla Riyadi joins Jola and Ramengvrl to sing about the discriminatory treatment women face, whether it’s casual sexism or unfair pay.


The music video, directed by Anton Ismael, arrived on Wednesday (June 16). It visually matches the switches in moods and styles – going from a sensual opening by Marion to the hard-hitting segment led by Ramengvrl. Danilla then takes over for a woozy conclusion.

Watch the three musicians let their madness loose in an abandoned, disused hospital for the video here:


Prior to the release of ‘Don’t Touch Me’, in March Ramengvrl jumped on ‘Yellow Fever’, another female empowerment anthem by Thai singer Pyra. Last year, Ramengvrl released her debut studio album, ‘Can’t Speak English’, via EMPIRE.

Danilla Riyadi, on the other hand, released her latest studio album ‘Peluh, Gairah & Kelana’ last month. The album saw Danilla and her band The Glamors experiment with an ‘80s-influenced disco sound, with elements of new wave and glam rock.


Marion Jola made her debut in 2018 as a contestant on Indonesian Idol, where she finished in the sixth position. Following her time on the show, she released a string of singles and dropped her debut album ‘Marion’ in 2019.