Watch the video for Ramengvrl’s latest single, ‘The Emo Song’

'Can't Speak English' is out tomorrow

Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl has unveiled the music video for her poignant new track, ‘The Emo Song’.

The Indonesian rapper released the song last Friday (November 13). In the accompanying visual, Ramengvrl recruited her fans and fellow friends to share their insecurities and harsh comments they’ve received from other people. For her segment, Ramengvrl wrote the word “CLOWN” on paper.

“I wrote this song at one of my lowest points,” the text at the start of the video read. “I felt alone, betrayed and like my dreams were slipping away. With this video, I wanted to show you guys that no matter what you’re going through at the moment, you are not alone.”


Watch it below.

‘The Emo Song’ is the final single from Ramengvrl’s upcoming debut album ‘Can’t Speak English’, out this Friday (November 20).

“People see me as this like rapper who’s always confident and in-your-face, when in fact there’s a lot going on behind it,” she said of the track in a press release.

“I wanna show my fans that behind all the bravado and the ‘swagger’, I do have my own insecurities sometimes. And I hope with this song my fans will also get the message that it’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to not be okay, we can’t be jolly all the time.”

‘The Emo Song’ was produced by Ramengvrl’s frequent collaborator and compatriot SIHK, who had previously worked with US rapper Trippy Tha Kid as well as 88rising artists’ Rich Brian and NIKI.


Ramengvrl also noted that she “can’t wait” to share the album with her fans as it tells the full story of her musical journey.

“Where I come from, what I’ve been through, the Ls and the wins, my feelings, and a lot more. I’m super excited about it and for all my fans to get to know me a bit more, and I hope this album can also be something you guys hold on to, I believe everyone can relate to the stories I tell in this body of work,” she said.

The concept behind ‘Can’t Speak English’, she said, encourages listeners to be what they want and embrace their own identities, without worrying about making mistakes.

“We all have moments of doubt, but don’t let that or other people tell you can’t achieve your dreams.”

‘The Emo Song’ also comes hot on the heels of Ramengvrl’s two recent singles: ‘Vaselina’ and ‘Look At Me Now.’ All the songs are expected to appear on her upcoming full-length record.