Ramengvrl links up with Korean rapper pH-1 on new single, ‘Ain’t No MF’

The song is “about celebrating yourself,” says the Indonesian rapper

Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl has released a new single titled ‘Ain’t No MF’, which features Korean rapper and Jay Park signee pH-1.

The song, which was released earlier today (October 15), via Asiatic Records/Warner Music, follows up the empowering themes of self-love after Ramengvrl’s September single ‘I’m Ugly’.

There ain’t nobody like me / fresh as fuck like me / kakkoi, kawaii, both sides look good on me / labels wanna sign me / I just say how much money,” she raps.


pH-1 adds tongue-in-cheek vitality to the song: “Soon as I get shot up with the vac / I be off to INA / Take a mie soto bath / Ya tuhan i’m so insane,” he raps.

Listen to ‘Ain’t No MF’ below.

Ramengvrl wrote ‘Ain’t No MF’ with her fans in mind. “It’s a feel-good track full of bravado and straight up attitude that is about celebrating yourself,” she said in a press statement.

“I know music can make you feel like a bad bitch even when you’re feeling down or had a bad day at work, and this song is it. Whoever you are and whatever you do, there ain’t no MF like you.”

pH-1 added that working with Ramengvrl was “very exciting” and gushed about her “distinct style of music and personality” in a statement.


“I enjoy collaborating with artists outside of Korea,” he added. “It really broadens my perspective as an artist to see so many different talents around the world.”

In an Instagram post, Ramengvrl also teased a music video “that might just drop” tomorrow (October 16).

Earlier this year, Ramengvrl released a collaborative track with fellow Indonesian artists Danilla Riyadi and Marion Jola in ‘Don’t Touch Me’. She also featured on the Pyra track ‘Yellow Fever’.

Last year, she dropped her debut album ‘Can’t Speak English’.