Rapper RAPKEYS takes on Malaysia’s lottery obsession in single ‘4D’

One of three songs on his debut EP ‘G.G. (Gai Gai)’, out now

Malaysian rapper RAPKEYS has unveiled his latest single ‘4D’, as part of his new EP ‘G.G. (Gai Gai)’, released yesterday (November 25).

The three-track EP features past singles ‘Hambalang Sot Plug’ and ‘LCW’, capping off a promising debut year for the rapper.

‘4D’, produced by Franco.$ and Saucie J, sees the brazen artist calling out what he deems a national obsession with the lottery.


The song is named after the lottery game prevalent in Malaysia and Singapore named 4-Digits, where participants are required to place their best bets on winning numbers.

In the music video for ‘4D’, RAPKEYS and his fellow SAC trio members MIM1C and Randy contemplate a life made easier with lottery wins while taking over the empty streets of Johor. Watch it below.

With ‘4D’, RAPKEYS notes a Malaysian culture rife with lottery obsessions, while allowing himself to indulge in the financial fantasies it provides everyday folk.

In a press statement, he said watching comedies like the 1998 Jack Neo film Money No Enough as a child opened his eyes to this tradition.

He noticed “older relatives” who liked to buy lottery tickets “all the time”, a trait he realised hit close to home. “Who doesn’t want to get rich overnight?” RAPKEYS wondered.


RAPKEYS will launch ‘G.G. (Gai Gai)’ in a listening party titled GG Sibei Struggle with SAC and fellow music collective Lanxy Music on December 3 at Anything JB.

Fifty tickets, priced at RM30 each, have been released via the venue’s webstore. At the event, Lanxy Music will also launch their EP titled ‘Sibei Struggle’.

RAPKEYS is also part of Kuala Lumpur-based hip-hop collective Ban Huat Sdn. Bhd., which was founded by rapper Dato’ Maw.