Rasyiqa teams up with Vintonic for ‘Reckless (But Make It 80s)’

The Indonesian singer-songwriter’s debut single gets a retro rework

Indonesian singer-songwriter Rasyiqa has released a new rearrangement of her debut single, ‘Reckless’.

For the new track, titled ‘Reckless (But Make It 80’s)’, she enlisted the help of electro-pop band Vintonic to give the track a facelift inspired by the music of the decade. The track was released on digital platforms yesterday (November 17).

‘Reckless (But Make It 80’s)’ carefully strips away the angst-ridden rock elements of the original single.


The collaborating artists apply a sleek era-appropriate sheen that sounds closer to The Police or – as Rasyiqa puts it in a press statement – the music of “John Hughes’ films in the 80s” such as Pretty in Pink or The Breakfast Club. This outing also features new vocals by Vintonic’s Nicho Benito.

Listen to ‘Reckless (But Make It ‘80s)’ below.

Rasyiqa revealed via a press release that the remix initially had a much longer title – ‘Reckless (If Life Was An 80s Rom Com Movie Where Everything Ends Well)’ – that was changed as it was “hard for people to remember”.

She went on to explain that its original subtitle stems from Rasyiqa no longer feeling “the anger or irritation that I sang in the original version.”

She continued by evoking a Hughes-esque film, where “this song is the soundtrack of [its] ending sequence, where the protagonist realizes that the universe has prepared better things for him. The point is this version, the version of making peace with yourself. The perfect closure, ending, you name it.”


The original version, released in early September, features songwriting and production credits from the likes of Cellosux, Sade Susanto, and Wisnu Ikhsantam, the latter hailing from bands Hindia and Lomba Sihir.

Rasyiqa is currently working on new material, although firm dates for upcoming releases have yet to be announced.