Raymund Marasigan responds to Ely Buendia saying Eraserheads members “were never close” friends

"We would meet and play and jam, and you don't need to talk when you're jamming"

Former Eraserheads drummer Raymund Marasigan has responded to ex-frontman Ely Buendia’s recent comments on the beloved Filipino band not being “close” friends.

Last week, Buendia made headlines over remarks he made on a podcast in March, where he said that the band – also comprising Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro – “were never close” friends, though they had a “very, very good working relationship”. Buendia even took to social media to defend himself against fan outrage over his comments.

As GMA Network points out, Marasigan – who’s now in the bands Sandwich and Pedicab – affirmed Buendia’s description of the band’s dynamics in the May 30 episode of his podcast Offstage Hang, which he co-hosts with Daren Lim.


“In this age of social media, if you check for the past 10 years, 20 years our feeds as individuals, you will easily see who we were hanging out with,” Marasigan pointed out. “It’s not a secret ever since.”

“I will not speak for the band. I will not speak for Buddy or Marcus or Ely, but I consider everybody my friend in the band,” Marasigan added. “And that we are not close, I’m also aware of that. Ibig sabihin, not close [meaning] that we don’t text each other. I have their numbers, we don’t text each other.”

“We would meet and play and jam,” he remembered, “and you don’t need to talk when you’re jamming. Meron namang connection din ‘yon [there’s still a connection].”

The Eheads’ “very strong personalities” in the studio would emerge when they were recording, he added. “Pero it’s not even fighting, and I think it’s part of the chemistry.”

“I do respect them, and I think we all wanted to make things work together. We’re just not close. Parang, after the show, we had drinks, celebrate, and that’s it,” he said.

Watch the podcast recording, which also included Gabba Santiago as a guest:


Buendia had made his comments on the podcast Wake Up With Jim & Saab, prompted by a discussion on the fan-favourite song ‘Minsan’, which he said was about his friendships with his university mates, not the Eheads.

For his part, Marasigan also said that ‘Minsan’ was about Buendia’s roommates while he was residing in the Kalayaan Dormitory at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

“We are not batchmates, ahead siya by a year. So he was talking about those guys who I know din. Those are the people he talked about in ‘Minsan’. I’m sorry if I’m breaking hearts,” he said.