Reese Lansangan’s poignant new song ‘Orbiting’ is “for all your loves left undefined”

The second single from the Filipino singer-songwriter's sophomore album, following 'What Is This Feeling?'

Filipino singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan has dropped a moving new song, ‘Orbiting’.

The stripped-down piano ballad arrived on Friday (April 30). The follow-up to ‘What Is This Feeling?’, it’s the second single taken off her as-yet-untitled sophomore album, which is scheduled for release on May 30.

‘Orbiting’, Lansangan says, is about being in the space between friendship and love. “It’s not knowing where to find yourself in the aftermath of a relationship that had run its course before ever having the chance to take shape,” she said in a description of the track.


“It’s trying to stay away yet being magnetically drawn in. It’s wanting to keep close yet being repelled by gravity. For all your loves left undefined. For the people that settled for the spaces, instead of jumping fully into your orbit.”

Lansangan wrote and composed ‘Orbiting’, which features Miggy Concepcion on piano. Hear the song below:

‘Orbiting’ also comes precisely a month after Lansangan dropped the upcoming album’s first single ‘What Is This Feeling’, which was accompanied by a carefree, DIY music video on April 11.

Lansangan’s last full-length was her 2015 debut album, ‘Arigato, Internet!’. Her most recent project was the five-track EP ‘Playing Pretend In The Interim’, released October 2020.

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