Reese Lansangan announces new single ‘What Is This Feeling?’

The first track from the Filipino singer-songwriter's second album

Filipino singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan has announced the upcoming single ‘What Is This Feeling?’

Lansangan will drop the track, which is the first single from her sophomore album, next Tuesday (March 30). She confirmed the news after teasing the record with a puzzle and password-protected website.

“If this song was a character, I imagine it charging through a paper wall and bursting out,” she wrote on Instagram. “Listening to it fills me with a lot of hope for the future. Joy, triumph, weightlessness – I hope you feel all of these things.”


Before announcing the song yesterday evening (March 22), Lansangan had sent her fans into a flurry by dropping a cryptic teaser that hinted at a May 30 release date for her second album.

It showed the artist in a flowing yellow garment, accompanied by ambient sounds of nature with birds chirping and water flowing. It also included the Roman numerals for two and the hashtag #Reese2ndalbum.

Check it out below.



The teaser also included an address to a password-protected website. On Sunday (March 21), Lansangan made another post encouraging fans to guess the password which would allow them access to the locked page.

“have you received your instructions yet? ⏳ figure out the code to unlock some secrets. you have one more day!,” she said in the post.

Fans who accessed the site posted, “Instructions received!” while expressing their excitement for the upcoming album.

Lansangan’s first and only album to date is 2015’s ‘Arigato, Internet!’ Last October, she released the five-track EP ‘Playing Pretend In The Interim’. In May, Lansangan was included in NASA’s #LaunchAmerica campaign, which saw her track ‘A Song About Space’ selected for a promo video leading up to the SpaceX launch.

Earlier last year, she dropped the songs ‘My Sweet Hometown’ and ‘Tenderfoot’. In December 2019, Lansangan dropped a four-track holiday project titled ‘Merry Christmas, Friend’.

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