Reese Lansangan teases new EP, ‘Playing Pretend In The Interim’

She's also announced a bunch of EP-related perks for Patreon subscribers

Filipino singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan has begun teasing her upcoming EP, ‘Playing Pretend In The Interim’.

The EP, which is scheduled to arrive on streaming platforms on Friday, October 30, will be streamed ahead of its launch exclusively through her Patreon, the singer has revealed on Twitter.

“If you want to hear the songs in advance (and get your fortune read by me!), you can spend some Time in the Interim – a limited edition tier on Patreon,” she said.


The Time In The Interim tier on Lansangan’s Patreon (which she has dubbed the Secret Song Society) will cost US$40 (PHP 1,942), granting supporters access to the EP’s exclusive pre-launch listening party, a personalised ticket, specially curated lyric wallpapers, fortune telling, a digital zine and more.

The Time In The Interim Tier will only be available until October 30.

“I want to invite you into this suspended time to play pretend and see the world through a different lens. Immerse yourself in this mystical world of the interim like no one else could,” Reese said on Patreon. “Be the first to hear all of the songs that I’ve carefully nurtured before I release them out into the world.”

A special AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Lansangan will also be available to Time In The Interim subscribers three days after the EP’s launch.


The highly anticipated release of Reese’s upcoming EP follows her involvement in NASA’s  #LaunchAmerica campaign in May, which saw her track ‘A Song About Space’ selected for a promo video leading up to the SpaceX launch.

Earlier this year, she dropped the songs ‘My Sweet Hometown’ and ‘Tenderfoot’. Last December, she dropped a four-track holiday project titled ‘Merry Christmas, Friend’.

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