Rendy Pandugo releases sentimental new single ‘Honey Bee’

Dedicated to his daughter Dara

Indonesian singer-songwriter Rendy Pandugo has released a new single titled ‘Honey Bee’.

The track, released today (November 26) via Wonderland Records, is dedicated to his daughter Dara. This follows up his October single, ‘Morning Light’.

‘Honey Bee’ is a subdued track that sees Pandugo sing about his dedication to Dara as a sturdy band arrangement lends heft to the proceedings. The song begins as a piano lullaby and ends on a sentimental note.


I’ll be your home / When your heart is broken / You won’t be alone / When the world turns its back on you / You’ll always be my angel / When the demons surround you,” sings Pandugo in a verse.

Listen to ‘Honey Bee’ below.

In an Instagram post, Pandugo revealed that the song was written a while back as a present for Dara’s birthday in October, though its release was ultimately delayed.

“This song is about me and her,” he wrote. “As a father and daughter..and I hope you guys enjoy the story.”


In August, Pandugo collaborated with singer-songwriter Oslo Ibrahim for the track ‘Blanket of Sadness’, which ended up on the latter’s recent EP, ‘Strangers Again’.

Earlier this year, Pandugo released his latest EP, ‘See You Someday’. He described the record as “six tracks full of stories and memories, inspired from my own personal life and people around me”.

One of its tracks, ‘Home’, sees the singer-songwriter longing to be with his wife and daughter while he is on the road.