Richard Hawley says he believes today’s politicians are “narcissists”

“People aren’t stupid – well apart from Tory politicians!”

Richard Hawley has criticised the Tory government in a new interview.

Hawley was speaking to the Independent to promote his new stage musical Standing at the Sky’s Edge, which is set to debut at the National Theatre this month. The musical is named after his 2012 studio album and tells the story of Sheffield’s infamous Park Hill flats through the lens of three fictional characters.

Hawley went on to speak about his feelings on the current Conservative government. The topic came up when he was asked how well the themes of the musical could translate to a London audience. “People aren’t stupid – well apart from Tory politicians!” he said.


He continued: “This particular shower of shit hat we’ve got, everything they touch turns to shit,” before describing today’s politicians as “narcissists”.

“That’s a dangerous person when you’re working int’ Co-op, but it’s a really dangerous person when you’re running a country,” he said.

Richard Hawley
Richard Hawley. CREDIT: Phil Bourne/Redferns

The musical features a plot line relating to a strike, and Hawley commented on the timeliness of a story about industrial action amid the frequent strikes that have taken place in the last year. “Nobody wants to strike, they don’t do it for fun.” His father been involved in a strike during his childhood – “We lived off fuck all. I don’t know how we got through.”

Hawley is set to open for fellow Steel City musicians Pulp at their pair of gigs at the city’s Utilita Arena on July 15 and 16.

Last year, Hawley played a four-night residency at Sheffield’s Leadmill to help save it from closure after the owners were faced with an eviction notice last March. The shows were his first at the venue since 2005.

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