Rico Blanco to perform at the Araneta Coliseum in September

He will be supported by Zild Benitez and Ebe Dancel

KDR Music House has announced that Filipino singer-songwriter Rico Blanco will be performing a headline concert at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines this September.

The concert was announced via a press conference today (July 29) via KDR Music House’s Facebook and YouTube accounts. It is scheduled to take place on September 11, and tickets will go on sale this Sunday (July 31) on Ticketnet. Zild Benetiz and Ebe Dancel will also join Blanco for the night, along with other acts that are yet to be announced.


During the press conference, Blanco was asked why he’s chosen to perform at the Araneta Coliseum now, with a reporter nothing that the venue, which can house up to over 15,000 attendees, could pose a challenge for ticket sales, as well as the ongoing pandemic.

Blanco answered: “I think when our friends from KDR [and] Wish reached out to us and told us about their initiative to revitalise this concert scene, we all knew the challenges we were going to face.”

“As you mentioned, the pandemic situation is still around, and we’re starting to somehow live with it, [changing] our lifestyles a lot to accommodate and to be safe. There’s a lot of uncertainty. I feel that concerts [are] a product of habit, you know? Going out is a habit, the lifestyle of going out, going to restaurants and concerts is a habit.”

“So, we are aware of those challenges, but someone’s gotta do it. Someone’s gotta start. I’m happy to take on that risk, with the support of our friends. We know this is a different environment, this is not the height of people going out, but also we know that people are really really hungry to experience live music again in this way. So, we’ll try and just go for it. It’s part of my career anyway, to try things for the first time. I’ve always seen challenges as opportunities to bring about new things, and a new way of doing things.”

Watch the full press conference below.


Last month, Blanco performed at a live concert called the ‘Balcony Entertainment Live’ at the Music Museum in Metro Manila. Artists from the singer-songwriter’s label, Balcony Entertainment also had performances – Benetiz, Dancel, Maris Rascal, Raven and Never The Strangers.

Earlier this year, he released the music video for ‘Pinoy Tayo’ – a completely renamed and reimagined take of Orange and Lemons’ ‘Pinoy Ako’. The track, which was released in September of 2021 was also used as the theme song for the Filipino reality show Pinoy Big Brother.