Rihanna says she’s held “tons of writing camps” for a new album

The follow up to 2016's 'Anti' is in progress

Rihanna says she has held “tons of writing camps” to produce material for a new album, according to a new interview.

The pop star told Associated Press that she was now attempting to conceptualise the material for a follow up to 2016’s ‘Anti’.

“What do I feel personally? What do I want to put out, and as an artist, how do I want to play it with my art? How do I want to interpret that?” Rihanna said.


“How do I want to reimagine it because it’s been so structured before?”

Rihanna also spoke about the difficulties in releasing new music during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to go on tour but I can’t, so I’m stuck with music that I love, and now I’m trying to figure out how I can even create visuals to that,” she said. “That’s a challenge as well. But I love challenges so, you know, I’m gonna get it done.”

Rumours about Rihanna’s new album date back to 2017, when Shakka, one of her songwriters, said she was working on the album, labelling it “absolutely insane”. It was initially set to arrive in 2019, billed by Rihanna as a reggae album, but that appears to have been indefinitely delayed.

Earlier this year, Rihanna assured her fans that new music is still on the way, revealing that she is “always working” on new material.


Speaking with New! Magazine in a September interview (via Contact Music), Rihanna gave another update on her progress with ‘R9’, saying: “I’m always working on new music. Just because I haven’t released an album in a few years doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on it.

“I’m not just going to put music out because people are craving it. I’m going to make it worth the wait – and it will be worth the wait.”

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