Rising Singaporean singer Iman Fandi returns with new lovelorn bop, ‘Love Me Little More’

Her second-ever single arrives ahead of an upcoming EP

Up-and-coming Singaporean singer Iman Fandi has dropped a new single titled ‘Love Me Little More’.

Released via Universal Music Singapore, the track was uploaded on major streaming services on Friday (October 29) and arrives ahead of an upcoming EP project from the singer.

The song, which is Iman’s second-ever single, also marks her first international collaboration where she teamed up with producer Lucas Albrektsson of the Swedish pop music act The Kennel AB.


Listen to the track below.

In a press release, Iman described ‘Love Me Little More’ as a plea for acceptance and connection. The song is also intended to serve as an anthem for anyone who once dared to surrender themselves to love, but ended up facing sorrow instead.

“I tried my best to write down how it feels being in a one-sided relationship, where everything you do might not be enough to keep the one you want,” Iman said. “I feel like this is (a) sadly common situation in some relationships.”

The latest track will also be accompanied by a poignant music video directed by Amirul Hafidz (also known as fidz.bare), which will premiere later this evening.

For ‘Love Me Little More’, Iman also worked alongside co-writer Amanda Liedberg and 13-time Grammy-winning engineer John Hanes, who is known for his work with The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys.


The heartbroken theme of the new track runs similar to her trap-driven debut single ‘Timeframe’, which was released earlier this February.

At the time, the 21-year-old singer had confirmed during a press conference that she was already working on her debut EP.