Robbie Williams and Shaun Ryder have written a song together

They've also bonded over an interest in UFOs

Robbie Williams has revealed that he has written a song with Shaun Ryder.

Appearing on the latest edition of The Adam Buxton Podcast, the pop star discussed teaming up with the Happy Mondays and Black Grape musician for a one-off track.

“Me and him have done a song together,” Williams said. “Quite often I try and channel Shaun Ryder when I’m writing songs.


“The song will emerge, plans change all the time, but hopefully [it will be released] sometime in the spring.”

Williams also explained that he and Ryder had bonded over a shared interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life. “I saw bits of Shaun’s UFO show [2013’s Shaun Ryder On UFOs], I’ve spoke to Shaun about it,” he said.

Robbie Williams. CREDIT: Getty

“Shaun told me, ‘Right, it was just by a tree in front of me. They come all the time Rob’.”

Speaking of witnessing UFO activity himself, Williams explained: “It is thrilling to see those things, it will become God willing if I get to stay alive for another 25 years, a quest that I go on for a TV show or something like that, where I go and examine my own experiences.”


In an interview with NME back in 2016, the singer said: “All is quiet on the UFO front and it has been for a long time. There have been no major sightings or anything that’s gone on for quite a while.”

Last month, Williams joined forces with The Struts on the glam rock band’s track ‘Strange Days’. He released his latest solo album, ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show’, in 2016.

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