Romantic Echoes announces sophomore album ‘PARADISA’

The singer-songwriter’s upcoming album is scheduled to be released this month

Indonesian singer-songwriter Romantic Echoes has announced details about his upcoming sophomore album. 

The record was revealed to be entitled ‘PARADISA’ via the songwriter’s Instagram account, in a post which also unveiled the album’s trippy cover art and tracklisting.


The 13-track release will feature the five singles released throughout 2022, namely, January’s ‘Amerta’, February’s ‘Misteri’, April’s ‘Aku’ featuring Fourtwnty’s Ari Lesmana, June’s ‘Fly Me To The Sun’ – which was co-written with his partner, Paradisa Chirana – and August’s ‘Jatuh Samar’, featuring fellow singer-songwriter Morad. The album will also feature a previously unreleased collaboration with bedroom producer Boodles, entitled ‘Mortal One’.

The album is scheduled for release in October, though a specific date has yet to be announced.

‘PARADISA’ is the follow up to Romantic Echoes’ 2020 debut full-length, ‘Persembahan Dari Masa Lalu’. In July 2021, he released the six-track EP ‘Gaung Romantis’, which features the Pamungkas collaboration, ‘I’m Down’. In October that year, the pair released their second, stand-alone collaborative single, ‘Alright’.

In September, ‘Gaung Romantis’ received a nomination for Best Album Graphic Design at this year’s Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Awards.

Romantic Echoes – whose real name is Jack Alfredo – recently performed at Jakarta’s Synchronize Fest, alongside a slate of other artists including Basboi, Ardhito Pramono, Danilla Riyadi, Fleur!, Burgerkill and .Feast. He also recently performed as part of the eight-day MBlockFest in September, alongside Reality Club, Oslo Ibrahim and The Adams.

The tracklist for Romantic Echoes’ ‘PARADISA’ is: 

  1. Berantakan
  2. Misteri
  3. Gimme
  4. Jatuh Samar (feat. Morad)
  5. Paradisa
  6. Fly Me To The Sun
  7. Amerta
  8. Summer
  9. Aku (feat. Ari Lesmana)
  10. Paradisa Pt. 2
  11. Mahir
  12. Mortal Ones (feat. Boodles)
  13. Hagi