Romantic Echoes celebrates finding love in fresh single ‘Fly Me To The Sun’

Co-written with Paradisa Chirana

Indonesian singer-songwriter Romantic Echoes has released a new single, ‘Fly Me To The Sun’.

The track arrived today (June 24) on all major streaming platforms. Co-written with Paradisa Chirana, ‘Fly Me To The Sun’ is about the journey of falling in love, according to a statement posted alongside the song on YouTube.

The song is further described as “a celebration of finally finding your person”. “Whereas most love songs are sad and defeated, this one is filled with celebration and joy,” the statementadds.


Romantic Echoes – real name Jack Alfredo – wears his heart on his sleeve on ‘Fly Me To The Sun’. “I don’t know how you feel / All I know, my love is real / Hate to see you shed a tear / Never want to feel that fear,” he sings.

Listen to the track below:

‘Fly Me To The Sun’ is the singer’s fourth release of the year. It follows his collaborative single with Fourtwnty’s Ari Lesmana titled ‘Aku’, as well as the solo tracks ‘Misteri’ and ‘Amerta’. He’s expected to release a new album sometime this year.

Last year, Romantic Echoes collaborated with fellow singer Pamungkas for the songs ‘I’m Down’ and ‘Alright’. He also put out the six-track mini album called ‘Gaung Romantis’.

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