Rookie girl group Cignature introduce new members Chloe and Do Hee

Following the departure of members Ye Ah and Sunn in April

South Korean girl group Cignature have added two new members to the team, bringing the group back to seven members.

On June 14 KST, J9 Entertainment introduced Chloe and Do Hee, and annocuned that they would be joining as new members of the group. The agency also released profiles, images and videos for each of the girls.

According to Koreaboo, Chloe will be joining the group as a vocalist, while Do Hee is a rapper and dancer. The latter, who is born in August 2002, will also become the youngest member of Cignature.


Earlier in April, the agency announced that original members Ye Ah and Sunn have terminated their contracts with the company and left the K-pop act. In their statement, J9 Entertainment had noted that the members expressed their intention to “no longer be active as Cignature members” back in March.

“We terminated the exclusive contract without any condition after consultation with Ye Ah and Sunn as well as their parents,” J9 Entertainment said. “We sincerely apologise for informing this sad note to the fans who are waiting for Cignature’s comeback.” The group were reportedly preparing for a comeback during this time.

Cignature made their debut with seven members in February 2020 with the single ‘Nun Nu Nan Na’. They later released first mini-album ‘Listen and Speak’ in September of the same year. With the new additions of Chloe and Do Hee, the group will be returning again as a seven-member act.

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