PURPLE KISS on their future: “Our team is an unscratched lottery ticket”

“We have a very far way to go, and we can grow infinitely,” said leader Goeun

Rookie K-pop group PURPLE KISS have opened up about the group’s protentional future and what they anticipate for their career.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Korea, the seven-member act discussed their potential for growth as a new group. “I want to continue to show cool performances with our chemistry and tension,” said Dosie, when asked to describe the future of PURPLE KISS.

“If I had to describe it with words, I’d say our team is an unscratched lottery ticket, because we only have a bright future ahead of us,” said leader and vocalist Goeun. “We have a very far way to go, and we can grow infinitely, so that’s what I’d like to say.”


Member Jieun went on to add that the group had previously discussed and agreed with their leader’s statement. “It’s very unique. That’s the group that we want to become,” she said.

“To wrap it all up, PURPLE KISS forever,” said vocalist Swan. “To achieve all this, PURPLE KISS have to stay together forever. And PLORY (the official name of their fanbase) who are with us need to last forever.”

Last month, the rookie girl group made their first-ever comeback with their second mini-album ‘HIDE & SEEK’. The project dropped alongside a music video for title track ‘Zombie’, which was co-written by main rapper Yuki, as well as RBW Entertainment labelmate CyA of the band ONEWE.

In an exclusive interview with NME, PURPLE KISS also discussed making their own music. “When we first debuted, we actually didn’t know that we would end up being so deeply involved in composing and writing our own songs,” said Na Go-eun. “We’re really happy to have the chance to get so involved in our albums.”