Rookie K-pop girl group HOT ISSUE disband less than a year after debut

Their final release was last September’s ‘ICONS’

Rookie K-pop group HOT ISSUE have officially disbanded, just days away from their first debut anniversary.

On April 22, the seven-member act’s agency S2 Entertainment shared in a statement on HOT ISSUE’s fan cafe that the group – comprising members Nahyun, Mayna, Hyeongshin, Dana, Yewon, Yebin and Dain – will be disbanding.

“We sincerely apologise for delivering this sudden news to the fans who loved and supported HOT ISSUE,” S2 Entertainment wrote, as translated by Soompi. It shared that the decision had been made after a “long discussion” between the members and agency.


“We worked hard for a long time with the artists to achieve the direction and development the agency had aimed for, but we reluctantly came to this decision,” added S2 Entertainment. “We apologise and express our gratitude to fans who loved and treasured HOT ISSUE until now, and please support and watch out for the members’ future journeys.”

The news comes seven months after the release of the girl group’s single album ‘ICONS’, which had marked their first ever comeback. The group had made their debut in April 2021 with the mini-album ‘Issue Maker’, which featured the title track ‘GRATATA’.

Prior to their debut, several members of HOT ISSUE had previously appeared on various reality TV competitions. Members Dain and Hyeongshin previously competed on Cap-Teen, where the latter ranked seventh place in the final episode. Meanwhile, Chinese member Mayna appeared on Produce 101 China in 2018.

HOT ISSUE had been the first K-pop group from the newly established South Korean agency S2 Entertainment, which was created by former CUBE Entertainment co-founder and Chairman Hong Seung Sung. He left CUBE in early 2020.

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