Rosalía on asking Cardi B to feature on ‘Despachá’ remix: “It’s part of her”

"Since [a] long time ago, I wanted to make music with her"

Earlier today (December 16) Rosalía released a new remix of her smash hit ‘Despachá’ featuring Cardi B.

Speaking about the collaboration in a new interview, Rosalía said it “made complete sense”.

Talking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Rosalía said she “always wanted to work with [Cardi B]. Since [a] long time ago, I wanted to make music with her. And she knows I love her music, and she always supports me too.”


Rosalía went on to say that ‘Despachá’ was originally inspired by Mambo and the music of Dominicana. “And [Cardi] is Dominican, so who else is going to understand this better than her? It’s part of her, so I thought that it made complete sense. And she also loves the song.”

“I really love how she sounds when she’s rapping, it sounds urgent,” continued Rosalía. “So when she’s singing it, it sounds fresh. It’s really cool. Her energy’s the strongest. Her energy’s super pure and strong. I think that everybody can feel that. It doesn’t matter if you have seen her on stage or you have just seen her through your phone, everybody feels it, because that’s how special she is.”

Following the release of the remix, Cardi B took to Twitter to say “I love that we were able to work together on this.” It comes after Cardi called ‘Motomami‘ “soooo fireeee” earlier this year.

Elsewhere in the interview, Rosalía admitted she was worn out from her mammoth tour in support of third album ‘Motomami’, which started in July and is currently travelling through Europe. “I feel so bad,” said Rosalía. ”Literally, I feel so, so, so, so bad. But at the same time, I feel every night I’m like, ‘Okay, even though I’m so tired, I’m going to put all my love.’ At the end of the day, performing is also generosity, so I just try to focus on that and that gives me energy to keep going.”

In a five-star review of Rosalía’s show in Lisbon last month, NME said: “Nobody is doing it quite like her at the moment.”

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