Rosalía shares mind-bending ‘Montomami’ performance designed to be watched on a phone

Featuring elaborate choreography, POV shots, a surprise birthday party for a crew member and more

Rosalía has shared a new half-hour video, which sees the musician performing tracks from across her recently-released album ‘Montomami’.

The unique visuals were designed to be watched on a phone. The footage constantly flips between portrait and landscape orientations, and requires the viewer to move their screen along with it.

The video, first broadcast via TikTok LIVE, features elaborate choreography, POV shots, a brief behind the scenes segments including a surprise birthday party for a crew member and more.


During the track ‘La Combi Versace’, Dominican rapper Tokischa appears via TikTok’s ‘duet’ feature in order to rap her guest verse.

‘Montomami’ was released last Friday (March 18) to critical acclaim. In a five-star review, NME said: “Rosalía begins her third album by singing about transforming herself with “makeup de drag queen” and ends it with a burst of well-earned applause. In between are 40 minutes of the most thrilling, forward-thinking and discombobulating music we’re likely to hear all year.

“…Rosalía isn’t so much carving out her own lane as building her own ultra-modern, super-bendy sonic motorway. It’s one you’ll want to hurtle down again and again.”

On the same day the album was released, the Spanish star also shared a lo-fi, late-night video for ‘Candy’, showing a wild night of drinking, partying and karaoke. It followed visuals for previous singles ‘Hentai’‘La Fama’‘Saoko’ and last month’s ‘Chicken Teriyaki’.


March 12 saw Rosalía make her debut appearance on Saturday Night Live, where she performed ‘Chicken Teriyaki’ and ‘La Fama’ to a huge US TV audience.

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