Royal Blood to perform as avatars for virtual Roblox awards show

The band will debut new single 'Limbo' live as part of the performance for the games company

Royal Blood are set to perform as avatars at a virtual award ceremony for games company Roblox.

The Bloxy Awards will take place this Saturday (March 27) at 7pm GMT and, per a press release, “take attendees through four distinct environments on a voyage across the Roblox Metaverse”.

The awards promises an “exclusive virtual performance from Royal Blood in a space-themed concert venue” which is being teased in a new trailer video, which you can watch below. The band are set to perform new single ‘Limbo’ live for the first time as part of the three-song performance.


“We are thrilled to perform virtually in front of the Roblox community,” Royal Blood said in a statement. “This promises to be a real cosmic experience. Strap yourselves in – we look forward to seeing you there.”

Roblox VP Jon Vlassopulos added: “The creativity of the Roblox community powers the experiences on our platform, and the social connections players make while sharing these experiences are deeply enriched by music.

“We’re thrilled to host Royal Blood as we celebrate the talent of our creators with the greater Roblox community in this immersive, out-of-this-world Metaverse experience.”

Royal Blood will release their third album, ‘Typhoons’, on April 30 via Warner. So far, the band have shared its title track and first single ‘Trouble’s Coming’.


Speaking to NME about ‘Typhoons’ earlier this year, frontman Mike Kerr said: “I think everyone can get lost in their own mind, and they can have dark spells in their own mind. I’ve experienced them, you’ve experienced them, we all have.

“I wanted to write a song that recognised them but was also uplifting and empowering – knowing that if you are going through that, it will end at some point. It will pass.”

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