Saints Amongst Sinners share new single, ‘Bind’

Another preview of the Singaporean band’s upcoming debut album

Singaporean indie rock septet Saints Amongst Sinners have released their latest single, ‘Bind’.

The shoegaze/dream pop track was released on Thursday (October 14), and is the latest preview of the band’s upcoming debut album.

Vocalists Mateen and Day trade vocal duties throughout the song, which includes a scream-sung bridge in the latter half, followed by a soaring guitar solo.


Listen to ‘Bind’ below.

Following the single’s release on streaming platforms, Saints Amongst Sinners took to Instagram to announce that ‘Bind’ would serve as the final single ahead of the release of their debut album, which is scheduled for November 5.

‘Bind’ is the band’s third release of the year, following ‘Lover’s Dream’ in January and ‘Wondering’ in late September. Saints Amongst Sinners made their debut in 2019 through a split EP with The Parallax Error. In 2020, the released one song, ‘Bitter Truths’.


Saints Amongst Sinners will perform an album launch on November 13 at the Esplanade Concert Hall – titled An Adventure of Cosmic Proportions by Saints Amongst Sinners – as part of Esplanade’s upcoming Mosaic Music Series. Other performers in the series include Singaporean jazz outfit The Steve McQueens and R&B-pop musician Dru Chen.