Sandara Park reveals 2NE1 almost called off their Coachella 2022 reunion

"Even until two weeks before we headed to the US, we were like, 'Are we really doing it?'"

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park revealed that the girl group nearly cancelled their reunion at this year’s Coachella.

On April 16, the group’s former leader CL took to the stage of Coachella as part of Asian-American label 88rising’s ‘Head In The Clouds Forever’ showcase. During her performance, CL surprised the audience by welcoming her 2NE1 bandmates Sandara Park, Park Bom and Minzy onstage to perform the quartet’s hit 2009 track ‘I Am The Best’.

In a brand-new video on her YouTube channel, Sandara opened up about the iconic K-pop girl group’s reunion last month and how it was nearly called off. “There have been so many offers for 2NE1’s reunion from huge shows. We really wanted to, but since we now all belong to different agencies, it wasn’t easy,” she explained, as translated by SBS News.


While Sandara did share that the Coachella reunion had been in the works since the start of 2022, the four members of 2NE1 had considered calling the reunion off on several occasions. “Even until two weeks before we headed to the US, we were like, ‘Are we really doing it?’, ‘Should we cancel it?’ We’ve talked about cancelling it,” she added.

“We thought of canceling it because we didn’t have much time and that we had to keep it a secret,” Sandara continued, noting that the quartet “didn’t even have proper instrumental tracks for our stage”.

The singer was also worried about whether the audience would know who the group are, seeing as 2NE1 had already been disbanded for several years. “I didn’t expect people to recognize us,” she explained.

“But as we went on the stage, the crowd cheered, and they sang along to ‘I Am The Best’,” Sandara recalled. “They knew exactly who we were, and they knew our song. It felt amazing.”

In a previous interview, CL shared that although plans for a full-strength reunion at Coachella had been discussed for several months, the actual preparations for their performance came together “pretty last-minute”.


She also revealed that they had been “non-stop preparing” for their reunion in secret – even sharing that member Sandara kept reunion plans from her current management. “I was like, ‘You guys can’t tell; don’t tell your mom!’ I don’t think Dara told her company,” CL said.

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